Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1211 Locust farewell

It was 9 years and one month ago that I purchased my first home. My mom said, “Oh honey, you’ll be here 3, maximum of 5 years and then you’ll move on”. Ha, who knew...I was very excited I had a place of my own and quickly realized I had made a very adult decision. I had never lived on my own so this was a very new experience. At the age of 21, most people are finishing up college, starting their careers, living with friends and enjoying being young with not much responsibility. I, on the other hand, had two years left of school, had a mortgage and various other bills that go along with home ownership, a full time job and managed to play a little. There were many lessons I learned in those first few years, some were harder than others, some I am still recovering from.

I feel like I grew up more in my little place from age 21-30 than I did with my parents. I had dinner parties and BBQs, bought furniture, had a few roommates (my mom, Erin and Kyle), learned that I never want all wood floors again, often held more than one job, painted bright colors, discovered how to maximize small storage spaces, started my career, changed décor constantly, lived with one kitchen drawer, purchased new windows, danced on the counter, battled with the HOA, hired people to fix and repair various things, was laid off twice , learned the importance of paying bills on time, called the police, had one battle with a mouse family…I won, did a slight remodel of the bathroom, and lastly I got married. This was the reason to sell; we wanted to get a place of our own.

Today we close a chapter in our life. It was a wonderful house, and I hope it brings the new owner as much joy as it did me. So long…


Andrea and Jeff said...

Sounds like your first house was very memorable. I also agree with what you said about growing up more in your 20's than you did during the time you lived with your parents. I felt the same way.

Erin said...

I loved that house and my 9 months living in it! :) I'm also pretty sure that you danced on the counter most often with me. :)