Monday, July 6, 2009

Crazy summer weather

An afternoon rain is normal, along with a little lightening and thunder. It cools things off, clears up and turns into a lovely evening. Not this summer….it has rained and rained and rained! It has been a cool, record breaking rainy beginning to summer, and Friday night was the cherry on the sundae.

Kyle and I had the day off, we ran errands, and made a final stop at the grocery before heading home. While in the store, the rain came….lights flickered, the generator turned on and we ran like hell to the car. A soggy, pouring down, 15 mile an hour drive home, had us sitting in the car until it calmed down a bit…..we would have been waiting for another 30+ minutes, so we ran inside. We got our dinner ready, relaxed, watched some tv, a few hours had gone by. I was cold so I went down stairs to get a sweatshirt….yelling….”Kyle, we have a problem!”

Half of the basement had flooded! There was water everywhere. The bedding was wet, pillows soaked, and we had a big problem on our hands. Mind you, it is about 7:30ish and I had no idea who to call. I googled “flood cleanup, Denver” and up popped a slew of companies. I called the first one, 800 number and I was supposed to get a return call in 5-10 minutes….right more like 90 minutes later! The next guy was a local company, he could get someone out tonight, and a third company, also local, didn’t have a crew available until midnight. Enough time had passed when we finally made a decision that no one could come out Friday night. All the rain fell within about a mile radius of our house, and the flood cleanup people were swamped!

So, a crew arrived about 8:30 Saturday morning to clean up the basement. Thank goodness Kyle and I had moved all of the furniture out of the room…they charge an arm and a leg to move furniture. It was a bit of a fiasco, but things are drying up. The fans and de-humidifier will be there until tomorrow and then they will do a thermal scan of the room to determine if there is any moisture in the baseboards or walls. Let’s hope not!

Until tomorrow, we live with a constant hum of fans.

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