Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diary of the 1st Trimester

The long awaited "we're pregnant" blog...

Week 5 - My boobs have been killing me for about 4 days! Kyle calls and says he’s done some research and he thinks we need to take a test. On Wednesday September 16, 2009 at about 7:30pm we take a pregnancy test…there are two lines = pregnant. We can’t believe it and take another test, two lines = pregnant. A couple of days go by and the news is sinking in. We take a third and final test, two lines = pregnant. Its official, we’re pregnant and elated! It’s so amazing…

Week 6 - We made our first purchase, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I’m starting to feel like some of my pants don’t fit so our second purchase, a Bella Band. My boobs are still killing me so much that I can’t even sleep on my stomach. You don’t realize how many shirts you have that are fitted until you don’t want them to be fitted. Still haven’t told anyone, waiting until after Kelly & Dan’s wedding and if we can hold out, until after our Dr. appointment on October 12th 9:00am. I’m feeling great!

Week 7 - I could swear I’m showing and can’t seem to find anything to wear that isn’t fitted. We still haven’t told anyone and we are holding out until our Doctor’s appointment…one more week. I have a vicious cold, and haven’t been feeling great. Not sure if it’s morning sickness or the cold. Feeling worse, truly a terrible feeling, it’s a nauseous feeling that comes and goes throughout the day. For now Decaf Mint Tea, Ginger Ale, sugar and citrus are doing the trick. The “I’m soooo tired” feeling is still 100% with me, I just can’t get enough sleep! The one thing I didn’t expect was the level of hunger! It’s not like I’m getting hungry and will need to eat soon, more like I’m hungry and need to eat in the next 5 minutes. I’ve had three nights this week that hungry has woken me up about 4:00am. I’ve gotten up to eat all three nights and then can’t get back to sleep, so I’m now eating a snack before bed and that is working great!

Week 8 Dr. appoint #1 went well. We were there for nearly two hours and it was amazing. We had an ultra sound to “confirm” the pregnancy and there was our tiny little Baby. We saw the heart beat which was this little flutter. Proud as a mama peacock, we told our immediate families. They were first surprised and second excited. Kel and Dan get home on Saturday and then the cat will be out of the bag to close friends. I’m feeling much better this week, still have a cold, but not feeling so nauseous. Can’t stand the thought of eating, looking at or preparing chicken.

Week 9 We kicked this week off with not sleeping well. I’m waking up around 4:00am to go to the bathroom and then can’t get back to sleep. My cold is nearly gone, thankfully. My mouth tastes like there is a battery in my throat, disgusting! No cravings, but certain food always sound good: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, crackers…anything plain. I’m hungry all the time and kind of getting tired of eating, the hunger just doesn’t go away.

Week 10 The word is getting out that we have a bun in the oven. I’m still eating like a high school football player, but I’ve been told it gets better in the second trimester. Feeling great and starting to think about maternity clothes, still no chicken!

Week 11 I can’t believe the first trimester is nearly over. I’m getting used to the tired feeling, maybe it’s going away? My lower back has a tiny ache, which I’m sure is just the beginning. Battery taste still in my mouth.

Week 12 It’s been a great week, started with an ultrasound. Baby S moved, wiggled and bounced during the ultrasound, it was really cool! It amazes me that with all that movement I can’t feel a thing! The exhaustion is noticeably better and in the last two days I’ve noticed my hunger decreasing, thankfully! I have a little belly, more of an awkward stage “is she pregnant?”

Week 13 Graduation week to the 2nd trimester, time goes by fast when you’re counting weeks! I’m feeling like myself and not nearly as tired. My hunger is much better as I’m back to three meals with a couple of small snacks. Chicken is still repulsive! The first maternity clothes have been purchased.


Missy... said...

yay, yay, yay...the long awaited blog announcement! congrats, again! you're going to LOVE being a mommy! :)

Jill (& Bob) said...

Congrats!! I completely understand on the chest hurting comments...just wait, that only gets better ;)

melbelle said...

Congrats from the Toy family! We just found that you were following our blog, which made us realize you had a blog, and then of course we happened upon the announcement! Yay! And I can totally relate about the hunger feeling...the first sign of hunger would hit and I would feel like if I didn't get food in me in the next 2 minutes I might fall all to pieces. Thankfully, it does get better! But Congrats!!

_R3 said...

Can you place a date beside the week? I'm dumb and bad at math. Lovin' this blog.

R3 said...

What's going on now? People need to know and Kyle keeps giving one word answers.
"How's Meg?"
"She starting to show?"
"When do you get to find out the sex?"

...tell us, woman! We need to know things!