Thursday, May 20, 2010

Counting down the hours

Until maternity leave begins!!!  Tomorrow, Friday May 21 will be my last day of work.  I'm not in labor and at this point, don't feel any different than I have, but I'm uncomfortable enough that I'm going to call it! 

For now, I have no plans to return to work, but that may change.  We'll see what life brings with a little one.  I may do a little of this or that on the side, some design work or try to pick up something part time.  My summer work plans are to watch the littlest of the girls that I used to nanny at their country club this summer and take it easy.  It will be just like when she was born, hanging out under a shade tree at the pool, pretty nice! 

In the next week life will forever change for us and I'm so excited. 

6 hours to go...

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Jill (& Bob) said...

Welcome to life as a SAHM! Enjoy these last few days before it gets really busy!