Thursday, September 30, 2010


Since Josie's birth, we have had soooo many wonderful family and friends come into town to see her.

  • Birth, Mimi (Grandma Sonneman) was in town

  • 5 weeks old  Erin was in town for a family trips and she stayed with us for 2 nights.  Josie had colic then so it was the quietest time to meet her, but Erin had a good time
  • 8 weeks old, Teresa came into town to meet Josie.  We went to the pool, and Teresa came over to our house to see Josie's room...she stayed the Jaime.
  • 9 weeks old, Josie met Aunt Karen (Great Aunt, yes..but that sounds old and Aunt Karen isn't old , so she is remaining Aunt Karen) Cousins Kristi and Kelsey.  This was the girls weekend in Aspen.
  • 10 weeks old Hunter came all the way from Virginia to meet Josie.  It was a quick trip for Hunter, thanks to the airlines, but we did manage some pool time.
  • 11 weeks, Kelly's dear friend Kate was in town and of course got to meet Josie, we shopped and dined
  • 13 weeks Amber came for a long weekend.  It was awesome, we just hung out, shopped and got some QT with Amber
  • 17 weeks Aunt Lisa came from Fargo.  It was so good to see her again. We hadn't seen her since we were in Fargo when Josie was 3 weeks old.  We shopped and went to Josie's first Broncos game.
We are so thankful for everyone coming to meet Josie!

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amber said...

I miss her already!!! I can't believe how much she's grown already. Miss you all. love, love, love.