Monday, November 8, 2010

A single parent for 4 days!!!

This was a first!  Kyle went to London for work and I was a single parent.  I was a little nervous about it, but everything was fine!  Josie knew something was up...the first night she was up from 1:29-4:15...I was a zombie the next day.  She got back on track and we had a great weekend. 

We made plans Friday night with Grammy walking around Wash Park and then to dinner at Racines..  Saturday we went boot shopping with Grammy, picked out a gift for Kel for her birthday, got manicures with the birthday girl and then home for a nap.  Saturday was Kelly's big GOLDEN birthday 30 on the 30th!!!  It was a great excuse to get our party dress on!  We went to dinner with all of Kelly's friends to a restaurant we hadn't tried, Second Home.  It was great and Kyle would love the place, so I know we'll be going back.

Sunday was halloween and we had the entire day planned away from the house...I new it would be interesting with nap time!  We went to my mom's house to watch the game and Chris, Erin and Conner joined us along with Dan and Kel.  It was a good time, just wish those Broncos would have won.  Josie attempted a nap, but it was a no-go.  We then headed up to Gaylord St for the Trick or Treat Street.  Josie finally slept in my arms as we did a little happy hour with mom and her friend Judy.  It was so fun to watch all the kids and parents in costume.  We handed out candy with Grammy for a little while and then went to T-O-T over at the Cramer's house.  It was a little surprise for them and we had a great time. We got home around 8:30 and we were both exhausted. 

Monday Kyle came home from an exhausting 4 day whirlwind trip to London with very little sleep.  We had an early dinner and both Kyle and Josie were in bed and asleep by 8:30.  It wasn't such a bad weekend after all!:)

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