Friday, April 13, 2012


I had been looking forward to this vacation for a couple of months!  Warm weather, my in-laws and relaxation…just what I wanted (not needed).  I kept telling Josie we were going on an airplane to see Mimi and Grandpa and I really think she understood.  She was so good on the plane, listened to music from the music class we take, and watched Elmo.  We got her these kid headphones and she kept them on most of the time, surprisingly. 

Mimi picked us up and we were on our way to see grandpa.  It was gorgeous, sunny and thankfully Josie took a little nap on the car ride home.  She doesn’t sleep on the plane because she needed to make friends with all the passengers around us….our little social butterfly! 

We walked to the pool every day and Josie is a fish!  We have been taking swimming lessons and my goodness all she wanted to do was swim and jump in from the side and “tick-tock, tick-tock”.  It’s this little song that our teacher sings and each parent “tick-tocks” their child from side to side and then we “choo, choo” by throwing them up in the air.  She loved it and I really wish our pools were open here…another 7 weeks!  We went on walks around the neighborhood, saw Florida animals at the Homosassa Spring Park, ate ice cream at all times of the day courtesy of Grandpa.  Josie also experiences the beach for the first time.  She loved it, running around in the water and sand for 2 hours.  It was so fun.  Kyle and Frank got in 4 rounds of golf and Randy and I got in some shopping.  It was a wonderful trip and sooooo hard to leave.  I can’t wait until July when Mimi and Grandpa come to visit…and if I told Josie now, we’d be counting down the days.  I’ll give it a few more months before I mention that.  And now for the picture parade
Such a good girl on the plane
Just another day at the pool
I'm ready for the pool, "cheeeeeese"
sand and water, what a great combo
helping grandpa build a sand castle
Like she goes to the beach all the time

The manatees feeding

Lou the hippo


a 'before lunch' ice cream cone...only on vacation

reading with Dada in her tent

dancing at The Villages

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