Monday, September 8, 2008

Brew at the zoo and random Saturday

We had a great weekend that started with Brew at the Zoo on Friday night. It was a collection of 40 breweries and a variety of restaurants that all had small tasting of food, long lines and literally a tasting of beer. Some poured more than others, but over all we never got a full glass.

The guest list included Kyle, Kelly Dan and me, and 10,000 other rednecks from Denver. At first is appeared as amateur night, and then turned into "let’s get wasted on small tasting of beer". How do you do that? We didn't stay terribly long, outside of attempting to get food and beer that was worth the price of our tickets!

We grabbed a drink after we left contemplating the evening, here are the results:
Kelly - LOVED IT, would do it again next year.
Kyle, Dan and Megan - NEVER WANT TO GO AGAIN!

So, I understand it was a fundraiser and all, but there were entirely too many people for the space, lines were too long for a small bite of food, beer pours were minuscule, and not nearly enough "Port-O-Johns". We had a great time with Dan and Kel, but I don't think we'll be attending the 12th annual.

Saturday started off lazy, not having a plan for the day. We wanted to do something, just hadn't come up with exactly what. After all, Kyle was at home on an away much pressure to do something. Finally, the light turned on and we got tickets to the CU game in Boulder. Now, as most know, I HATE BOULDER! No need to explain, I just don't care for the place. Aside from my distaste, we had an awesome time at the CU game, played around on Pearl St. for a while and then had a wonderful dinner at BJ's. I love baked potatoes, and they had them on the menu as a main dish! That's awesome and I decided I don't eat them enough. With fall here, it is a perfect time to add this to the dinner rotation! We headed home for a good night's rest preparing for Kyle's all-nighter that he is pulling this evening.

The Broncos have their season opener in Oakland this evening.....GO BRONCOS!!!!! May we bring back a "W"!!!

Awesome seats!!!

What can I say...I'm a native!

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