Thursday, September 4, 2008

End of Summer.....

Another fine Labor Day weekend in Aspen! This is always the sign that summer is officially over. In the past few years it has been just a few of us. This year we had a full house; Mom, Kelly, Dan, Andrew and his two friends Boss and Beck, and me. We were all sad to not have Kyle with us, but duty called.

Friday evening we made pizzas and had drinks around the house. No surprise, the boys went through quite a few beers! Saturday morning Andrew had us moving to get to Devil's Punch Bowl...See pictures below. It is a natural deep pool of water in the river. The rocks are about 40 feet up and you have the excitement of jumping off, but more importantly, into ICE COLD MOUNTAIN RUN OFF......aka, freezing cold water. It paralyzes your muscles as you scramble to get out. We all went to watch Dan, Andrew and Boss jump into the water. Andrew, per his usual, thought he was an Olympic athlete by doing tricks off the rocks into the water. Mom, Kel and I were all nervous. I guess Mom and me more than anything. The rest of the day was lazy. We watched the girl’s volleyball tournament.

Sunday was Mom's 52nd b-day, so we celebrated Saturday night. Our staple is margaritas, chips and salsa at The Cantina. We started there, made a stop at Zane's a little Irish bar where we had a few car bombs while mom sobered up and then headed to The Double Dog Tavern. Its was also 24 hours before Boss turned 21, so we all have a final shot, in which Mom joined us. The last stop of the evening was at Cooper Street, where Beck joined us. It's a local dive bar, cash only I might add, that will definitely bring your night to a close. Mom left, followed by Kelly, Dan and me. The boys left not long after that. Sunday morning proved to be the most difficult on waking up and feeling okay. A few, to remain unnamed, were hung over. It was a really fun night!

I took the boys up to Devil's Punch Bowl to do more cliff jumping into "hot springs". At breakfast, Andrew told Beck, who had not been there the day before; that you jump into hot springs and the water is warm......needless to say, he was shocked when he jumped into ice cold water. It was pretty funny! We returned home, they left to get back to Ft. Collins and then there was quiet! Mom and I went up town to watch volleyball and Kel and Dan joined us later. We were surprised to have our cousin Jen show up to watch with us.

The weekend entailed: relaxing afternoons, PC and NON-PC comments, jokes, tricks, squabbles, drinks, and lots of laughs. College boys are like living in a comedy show.Day one....evaluating how far down it is!
Andrew's first Olympic jump......handstand off cliff into water

Kel and Dan at the Cantina
Andrew and Boss (Alex)
For the first time in our lives, we were out numbered....the girls

and the pestering continues!The whole gang....Andrew's taking the picture
Beck...after the jump into the "hot spring".....haha!

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