Friday, April 10, 2009

For Sale

Its official, our house is on the market! This is probably the first time most of you have heard, and it has been a whirlwind three weeks of prep. About a month ago Kyle and I were throwing ideas around about house stuff and had a list of houses we wanted to see. When we crossed all of them off, “in the ghetto”, “too much work”, “bad neighborhood”…etc., we decided maybe we should get our house in order before we start looking. Of course putting a house on the market is all about timing. We had a week long vacation coming up and it would be ideal to have the house on the market while we were gone. After that thought crossed our minds, it was set….Do anything and everything to get it on the market by the time we leave.

It will be 9 years in May that I have owned our little place, and needless to say, it needed a paint job. At first we weren’t interested in doing it ourselves until I received bids…..I think we’ll do it ourselves. Thanks to a snow day caused by a spring blizzard, I started painting Friday morning. Kel came over to help and we were done by 11:00pm on Sunday night. We were exhausted. Kyle worked on the bathroom, re-caulking, sanding, patching holes in walls, etc. (I had a minor painting injury, it sounds ridiculous. I stepped down from a stool and hit my heal on the bed frame….pow, it was a dime sized hole in my heal. OUCH, I’m fine now.) A handyman was hired to fix a few items, we replaced the stove and hired a cleaning crew. **NOTE – don’t break your flat glass cook top, it is the same price as a brand new range.** Throughout the process we have been packing boxes to clear the place out. It feels like we should move into the garage because everything we really need is in there. For now, we are managing fine, but it’s not even been 24 hours.

Kyle loved this process of getting the house ready, hiring a realtor and it was a learning process for both of us. Sure I’ve purchased a place before, but I haven’t sold… entirely different game.

I know the next question “Where are we moving?” There are many answers to hat questions, but first and foremost, we are trying to sell our place. We will figure out the next step once we’re over the first hurdle. For now, we are on the market, attempting to keep it spick and span and headed to Kauai for a much needed vacation.

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