Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome Karlyle Jean Gresham!!!!

My fellow Sunflower Cove mate and dear friend Hunter had baby #2 today!!! Congrats to Hunter and Aaron for being parents again and congrats to little miss Abby Gresham, you're a big sister. Abby was the littlest flower girl in our wedding and now she has a sister.

All my love, hugs and congrats to the Greshams!!! Two girls hopefully means there will be at least one more ;)

Dear Abby,
Being a big sister is so much fun. You get to show her how to do everything you know, play with her like she is a doll, and occasionally boss her around. The best part is as you get older, your love for her will grow and you can double date to high school dances, and then raise your families together. Your mom always wanted a sister, and I'm so happy that you have one!
All my love little miss!
Auntie Meg

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