Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This was the 5th year and it turned out to be the biggest and best! This is the annual fashion show in the design world where a design firm is paired with a manufacturer. The design team then has to create a “ready to wear” outfit out of some material from the manufacturer. It is a five month process, from design development to the runway.

This was our second year participating and we had a great partnership, SourceFour. They are a furniture showroom and also have upholsteries!!!! It all turned out great and the event was sold out!

Our outfit was called City Luxe and had three parts.
  • The dress: made of upholstery, hand woven vinyl strips, and hand punched sequins.
  • The Necklace: made of table hardware (Each ball was just under a pound….a very heavy necklace) and vinyl.
  • The Coat: made of upholstery some of which had a Crypton backing which made it a very stiff and heavy coat.
I modeled for the second time and it was a blast. We did my hair and makeup here in the office and by 5:30 I was ready to go. We had to be dressed for pre-judging and then waited hours for the event to start. There were about 1600 people attending, and the line to get in was a few blocks long. Until next year…Our Original Sketch and concept design

On the runway!

The reversible jacket

Me with Crystal, Our sponsor and a view of the dress

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Sandy Satler said...

Hottie Tottie on the runway. I am bummed that I missed it. I checked out your blog today as I am still going to try and use your expertise to make one. So stay tuned for my cry for help.
hee hee