Monday, October 18, 2010

Aunt Lisa’s Visit and Josie’s First Bronco Game

It was a busy weekend!  Aunt Lisa came to visit and we had lots of things planned.  First on our list was Oktoberfest.  There is a pretty big festival downtown each year and since Sonneman is German, we thought we should take part in our heritage (My married-into heritage).  We had pretzels, beer, and then went to a pizza place for lunch because it sounds better than schnitzel!  Ha!

Sunday Lisa, Josie and I got ready and headed out for the Bronco game.  We had field passes so we had to be there an hour before the game started.  Thankfully Kyle hooked us up so it was much easier with Josie.  It also happened to be the second hottest Bronco game in history, and with an infant I was dying of heat. We made the most of it.  Josie of course wanted to eat as soon as we cooled off in Club level.  Lisa went out to the seats and sat there until she was fully immersed in the sun and decided to come in to join us.  Meanwhile, Josie was now asleep and I wasn’t about to take her out to the seats where there were 55,000+ screaming fans.  So we hung out inside for nearly all of the game and then headed home.  I have to say…It was Josie’s first and last game until she can walk!

Monday we went down to the Castle Rock outlet shops.  I had been told that there is a Carter’s outlet and man did we hit the jackpot!  Josie is ready for winter.  The good and bad…there is a Coach outlet.  Lisa decided she couldn’t leave without a new purse and matching wallet….oh that store gets someone every time!

Tuesday was Lisa’s last day, we went to Red Robin for lunch since Lisa doesn’t have the opportunity to go there and we drove by D-Bar so she could see it.  For those who watch the Food Network, that is Keagan Gerhardt’s Restaurant.  


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