Monday, April 25, 2011

books and paper, yum...

I realize I have three months of catching up to do, but this is what I'm up against...

It looks like we got a puppy, right?!  NO....It's Josie, our sweet little 11 month old daughter that is eating ALL.OF.HER.BOOKS!  Seriously...we were in Barnes and Noble spending a Christmas gift card from Aunt Kelly & Uncle Dan, I picked up a book, gave it to Josie to occupy her as I continued looking...not even 3 minutes later, corner GONE = MUST BUY. 

Moving on to this evening, second new book was laying on the floor {after being pushed off the coffee table via little hands} and next thing I see...corner gone and white book residue all over her face....GUILTY.  Mom's help me....did/have your kids gone through this phase?  Oh and we're not limiting our selves to books, its paper too, hence the last picture. 

Thankfully the third book we purchased is not destructible by her little mouth!

{Note to those giving gifts: plastic, rubber or other non paper/fiber books...until further notice.}

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Maybe she needs a teething ring? At least she likes the books!! Plastic ones from now on though.