Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xgames 2011

It’s a end-of-January tradition…Xgames in Aspen.  It’s an awesome time of year to be in Aspen…the middle of ski season.  It’s also the worst time to be in Aspen as it bring in over 50,000 people {most of which are teens} to a cul-de-sac!  In the winter there is one road in and out of Aspen…which makes it a very long cul-de-sac, nonetheless.  This year I didn’t ski and didn’t see many of the event because of this little cherub…
Getting bundled up
We did however make it into a VIP box at the base of the pipe, thanks to our friend Kari.  It made if very nice to have a warm place to hang for a bit, especially with an infant.  
Back home and so tired
Our view from the box
Hanging with the big kids in VIP
Until next year…

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