Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It was kind of an uneventful Xgames for Josie and me because she wanted to run around and it’s not really a place for her to run around.  There is snow and ice everywhere, tons of people and a pain in the bum to get there.  Besides all the events that you really want to see being past 8:00pm, that means I put Josie to bed and watched it from home.  We did get to see Kyle a few times on the mountain and say hello to all the people he works with. 

My brother Andrew and cousin Tyler are working for Aspen Snowmass this year, so we did get a chance to see them as well.  The final night is the finals of Men’s snowboard super pipe and we stayed to watch a few boarders.  It was fun but a lot more work with a toddler!  

I love a snow median
In a Suite at the base of the Super Pipe, incredible view!

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