Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicago in November

Kelly and I had an absolutley awesome weekend in Chicago with Erin. We arrived Thursday night to a mild November evening. We stayed up entirely too late for a school night talking, no surprise, considering Erin had a few hours of work on Friday.

As some may or may not know, I am not a fan of public transportation. Why? I'm not really sure, I have had a few bad experiences, so I just perfer not to go there. Chicago is one of those towns that you HAVE to take public transport to get anywhere. So I proudly announce, Kel and I made it all by ourselves touring around Chicago.

We started our day at this adorable little breakfast place called Julis Meinl. It is an Austrian eatery and so European considering its location. We had a delightful morning, and headed out shopping in a cute little area I call Armitage. I found this spot about two years ago when I was there for work. There are so many cute shops, and my favorite, All She Wrote. This is the place I found my "blizzard" cups for our wedding. So, I seem to head back to this area each visit. I wanted to show Kel, and I think she would agree, it is a must! We took the brown line back toward Erin's place, got off and shopped our way back. Erin got home from work and we had some wine, and headed out for some dinner and Erin's chill hang out Guthries. Sadly, Guthries was entirely too busy, and not a empty chair in the place, so we headed back to Lincoln Square for a neighborhood beer.

Saturday we had a packed schedlue. It started at about 8:30am and out last event was at 7:00. We, again, shopped our way through the city from H & M to Old Town Oil. Kel and I took an architectural boat tour that was really cool. It would have been awesome if it was about 30 degree warmer. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially in the warm months. We attempted to keep warm with a hot drink, but just riding along in the elements, it wasn't enough. A mix of touristy sights, eating shopping and drinking, it was a great day!!!

Along with our boat tour, we went to Secondy City for a show. I have to admit, I have never really watched SNL, so I wasn't faniliar with this place. Erin hadn't been either, so we thought it would be fun. We had two show options. First was Le Coch Plastiue and The Audacity of Dope (pardon the spelling). Now, what exactly is the first title implying and is that dope as in drugs or awesome? Based on the schedule we had for Saturday, the first show worked better. We were quite concerned that this was going to be racey, vulgar, offensive, anf possibly down right uncomfortable. We sat down, chatted for a minute and Erin's spots a stage other then a 4 foot high candle stick with a plastic penis atop! We nearly fell off our chairs. I have to say, it was the only thing we laughed at. The show was completely strange, not funny, confusing....etc. Bottom line, we went, I can say I have seen a show there. CHECK!

Sunday we went to church, grabbed lunch and headed to the airport. It was such a fun weekend, and I was exhausted when I got home.

On the Bronco front, we won last weekend, which was needed more for morale than anything. As I always say, it is bittersweet to win.

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