Thursday, November 13, 2008


Life has continued to be busy. I guess its that time of year.

Backtracking a few weeks to Halloween, post Nashville. We were both exhausted upon our return to run into a busy week.

Tuesday we carved pumpkins, something I love to do. I get out all the tools, and stencils, carve all the slimy stuff out, and then bake pumpkin seeds. We always did a lot of Halloween stuff mainly because Kelly's birthday is the day before. Call me a kid, but I just love carving pumpkins.

Wednesday we celebrated Kelly's 28th b-day at mom's house. It was a delicious dinner prepared by mom, laughter and family. Andrew even came down from the Fort!!! We all had such a great time.

Thursday we had a quick happy hour birthday celebration at the new location of The Tavern at Wash Park, and then went to Maddie's play at school. She has always wanted to be a star, and my goodness she proved herself! Her lines weren't easy, and she rattled them off like she was having a conversation. We headed to the Cramers for a little wine and cheese afterward. They have recently moved into a goregous new house, and it was the first time we had seen it. I can't believe the little girls that I started nannying nearly ten years ago are so big! Caroline is getting her license in a month, Maddies is 13 but looks 21, and Juliet is becoming a little lady!

Friday was Halloween. I went to the DU hockey game with my friend Peggy. College hockey is great!!! They played CC, their biggest rival, in state and maybe overall. We had a nice time chatting through the game and cheering upon a score. Kyle meanwhile was at home handing out candy. Funny to think of that. Someone wasked me, "Is that what marrieage is like?"

The following weekend was a home game. Mom and I enjoyed the game in the 78 degree November 2nd day! It was abnormally warm, but nice. This past week we played on Thursday night which means.......we had another weekend free of football games. Friday we packed up and went to Aspen. It was beautiful. It was pretty quite, as shops and restaurant are often closed for a short period before the "storm" of ski season. We got our Aspen ski passes, and picked up, unexpectantly, a few needed item for Kyle's big ski season. He is diving in and re-learning to ski this year. I am VERY excited about this!!! It is about the only sport do, and REALLY enjoy. I hope he loves it as much as I do, so when little ones are around it will turn into a family activity.

This week has been pretty quite. Kyle is headed to Atlanta for the Bronco game, and Kelly and I are headed to Chicago to visit Erin. I'm very excited. This has turned into a year fall/winter trip to see Erin. She is in a new apartment in the city and I can't wait to see it. I know we'll have a great weekend, and may the Broncos pull out another win!!!

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