Thursday, January 29, 2009

XGames 2009

Last weekend we ALL enjoyed the Xgames in Aspen. This is the third year we have gone up for the winter games. There were many aspects to the weekend. Kyle actually worked for ESPN as the Results/Releases Manager. As it turns out, he loved it and they loved him.

While he was working from 8am to 10pm all week and weekend, Kel Dan and I played. We ate, drank and played a lot of games. Kyle got us media passes so we could access areas of the games that "common folk" couldn't. It was nice, up close and personal. The events get better each year. The guys that ride snowcross are crazy!!! For the first time in history, a guy did a double back flip on his sled....NUTS!!! I thought for sure there would be a death, he lived and I'm sure will do it again. I can't wait for next year!

Winter XGames 2009, Aspen Colorado
Snocross starting line, 20 times around the track
Just practicing his back flip on the sled
We were up on the Pipe, pretty cool
Shaun White, won it all
More action on the pipe
Kel and Dan, "back stage"

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