Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kyle's BIG 30


This is a big year for us as we both turn 30 within 6 weeks of each other. First is Kyle’s birthday. We started celebrating at my mom’s house Monday night. It was full of laughs and surprises. She had thirty cans of beer stacked in the “Tower of beer”, it was pretty funny, see picture below. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said eat wings and drink beer, so…..that is what we did. Wednesday, his actual birthday, we went over to "his" bar, College Inn, and did exactly that.

Friday night we ventured over to Texas De Brazil for dinner. Kyle loves the Brazilian steak house, a.k.a. meat orgy. It was great food, I love the salad bar, and we left stuffed. We went there a few years back for his birthday so we learned then that you really have to pace yourself. As soon as you flip that little card to green, the men with meat on sticks come flocking! We had a wonderful time. The celebration continues this Sunday at Casa Bonita…..(graphic) details to follow!

The Tower of 30 cans of Beer

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Rich said...

Casa Bonita? DAMNIT! I'm jealous.