Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mr. "I don't read books"

My husband reads hundreds of websites, stories from newspapers, blogs, misc. media outlets, magazines etc., but his doesn’t like to read books. He usually has to clarify that he doesn’t read books, and he doesn’t understand how people get into them.

Well folks, this is a ground breaking moment……He has just finished reading his 5th book!!!! Doesn’t like to read books, yet he’s up to five! I’m not exactly sure how he got away with not reading throughout school, Elementary school, Middle school, high school and college for that matter. I guess you can get away with it in K-12, but college? Come on, we all know how much reading is required, unless you went to art school and then it’s close to none, but Kyle was not taking art classes.

The common thread is that they are all non-fiction / biographies.
The finalists are…..
1. Private Parts, Howard Stern
2. Miss America, Howard Stern
3. Next Man Up, John Feinstein
4. A Few Seconds of Panic, Stefan Fatsis
5. Too Fat To Fish, Artie Lange

What an accomplishment. I hope our kids don’t get that gene!

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