Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent 2009

Here we are again, day one of the Lenten season. The list seems to get longer each year, so here goes….


1. Red Meat

2. Alcohol, minus beer

3. Fried foods


1. Facebook

2. Swearing

3. Red meat (by marriage)

Kyle has been talking about what he is giving up for about two months. I, on the other hand, just decided this morning, so much so, I checked FB and then decided I don’t need it! Nothing was really calling my name this year. We have a friend that gave up facebook and I thought it was genius! I lived for years without it, and I will survive this 6.5 weeks. I attempted the swearing last year and failed miserably. I am really going to give it a go this year! Now, #3 is not by choice, but by marriage. I do nearly all of the cooking and I am not about to make two meals on occasion. I am not really a pork fan, as some of you know, so this will be a good time to really decide if it is something I like.

I plan our meal on Sundays and actually didn’t have any red meat in the menu this week, maybe we can do this? That is until Kyle got home on Monday night and officially declared his Lent list. Last night we switched to chili cheese fries. This is by far my favorite thing to eat at home. It is delicious and so satisfying, every single time! Ah…..until April 11th at midnight…..

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