Monday, March 30, 2009

Typical Colorado Weather

After our March blizzard that dropped about 12 inches of snow, Friday was a sunny beautiful day melting nearly half the snow. The weekend was warm and sunny and today…..snowing again. It is wet, slushy and sloppy. What is with the crazy weather all over the country? The news last night said we would get “a couple inches of snow” today and I scrapped off a good 3 inches and it is still coming down like blizzard….tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, later this week, more snow!

A hopeful update on Fargo…..We are hoping the Red River in Fargo stays where it is, so my in-laws house isn’t in danger. They don’t live on the River, but there is the danger of ground water which would flood their house. Keeping our fingers crossed. Frank flew up from Florida to make sure everything is okay and will be there all week just making sure things hold. . Mother nature, please…..

Just when I was going to change my background....more flakes

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