Friday, May 29, 2009

The catastrophic ride in Architecture

The last year in the Architectural and Design world has been like a season on the Deadliest Catch….a world of unknowns; are we going to catch any crab, how many, will we stay afloat and win the battle against the Bering Sea? It has been deadly, we have thrown out our net and come up empty, over half of our staff has gone overboard, we are barely afloat and it feels like we have lost the battle!

The battle is much bigger than my firm…there have been hundreds of layoffs, firms throwing in the towel, salary cuts, 4 day work week, and now our reps are getting laid off.

As I mentioned before, we interview for a huge project and I speculated that we didn’t get it. We officially found out last night and it is true, we didn’t get it. The worst part is that we came in second, and unlike kids’ soccer, there isn’t a trophy for second place. Everyone is numb.

Tuesday is when the battle comes to a head, once again. The senior principals are making drastic decisions, and I fear this will be the biggest and most severe.

Until Tuesday…

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