Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls weekend, with kiddos!

We met 13 years ago and haven't missed our yearly reunion yet!  This girl's trip was different because we decided to add the kiddos to the fun.  The attendies were:

Hunter, her mom Sherry and daughters Abby and Karly
Jaime and daughters Parker and Riley
Me and Josie

The five of us are planners, but with kids in the mix, we definitely had to have a plan.  The itinerary was fun, included time for naps, allowed us "big" girls to get away for one night and a happy hour with three of our Moms and one Dad!

Thursday we went to The Denver Zoo.  We packed our lunches, strollers in the cars and we were off.  Outside of it being sweltering out, we had a great time.  Abby and Karly (the two oldest of the little girls) wanted to see every-single-animal, so we spent 4+ hours peering into cages.  Then it was home for naps and make your own pizza night.
All the little girls...Karly, Abby, Josie, Parker (in front) Riley (in back)
Friday Erin arrived and the whole gang was there.  We had plans to go to a neighborhood pool that is great for kids.  Again, we packed lunches and had a really fun time playing in the water with all the little girls.  How our lives have changed from laying out at the pool to splashing around with little ones in floaties at the pool!  Again it was naptime for the little girls and time to get packed for the big girls.

The 5 of us with three of our babies

5 girls, 3 of our Moms and 3 babies
Erin's family has a place in Frisco and the five of us had a quick overnight at their condo.  Erin's parents stopped by my mom's house and we all had happy hour which was really fun.  We hit the road about 5:30 had great conversations on our drive up and then it was happy hour time for us!  Dinner was at the Boathouse, followed by a stop at Frisco Liquors….need I say more?  

We attempted the late-night-talks, but we’re getting old.  It was a beautiful morning in Frisco and Erin’s mom made us an awesome breakfast casserole.  We dined and hit the road to see our little girls and they were so excited to see us.  Sherry, Hunter’s mom, made a southern meal for us at Jaime’s house…Fried chicken, biscuits, salad…it was awesome!  

Sadly, Sunday came too quickly and it was time to say goodbye.  Until next time…!

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