Monday, August 29, 2011

Josie's 1st purchase

After dinner last week Josie and I were sitting on the floor playing and Kyle was on the couch watching tv.  Next thing I know, Kyle is saying, "NO, NO, NO..."  I had no idea what was going.  I look up at the tv and see that The Adjustment Bureau had just been purchased.

Josie LOVES remotes or anything with buttons she can push.  We stopped letting her play with the Comcast remote after she kept turning on closed captioning {neither of us know how to turn it on}.  Every now and again she'll get her little hands on the remote, and that is how it started.  The On Demand button is the largest and her favorite button.  So...if you push that button and then continue to push "ok" {5 times} you will eventually purchase Adjustment Bureau, because alphabetically, it's the first one on the list. 

Needless to say, since she made the $6.99 purchase, Kyle and I decided to watch it.  Begin movie review:  It worth your time!  We both liked it and it has an ending that I wasn't expecting.  Plus I like Emily Blunt, which I figured out half way through the movie she was also in Devil Wears Prada.  So....if you are bored at home, hand your kiddos the remote and they'll purchase a movie, you otherwise wouldn't have seen!

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