Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bins, drawers and baskets

It doesn't really matter what the "container" is, she want to sit in it.  The first few times she got in the bottom drawer of our island, it wasn't a big deal.  Now, unfortunately, it's broken.  I can only stop her so many times and those "oh so famous" tantrums I've heard about....they've started.  She's also taken a liking to the baskets on her changing table, the ones that hold diapers and other necessary items.  She'll empty it out in the blink of an eye and get in to read a book, or get in to get out again.  This discovery just makes me laugh, I love it!

Do you see what I'm taking about...broken?  It touches the floor
Just hanging out in the drawer
Reading in the diaper basket

The attempt to get out
...and back in

emptying basket #2
and down the hall

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