Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21

better late than never...

Day 17...
71. a happy, healthy, good napper/sleeper, eats well, and on a schedule toddler
72. an evening with at my sister/brother in law's
73. a husband that has an insane natural alarm clock. my body doesn't work like that

Day 18...
74. half days
75. gorgeous sunny 60 degree days in November
76. friends in town for not good reasons, but a good reason because we got to enjoy a dinner together
77. pictures capturing our life and memories

Day 19...
78. amazing in-laws!!!!
79. plans that fall through, it happens for a reason
80. quality time with my sister, priceless
81. delicious spaghetti dinner made by hubby
82. a trip to the store that returns home with only items on the list

Day 20...
83. a washing machine that cleans clothes, sheets and bumpers covered in vomit
84. a baby girl who is feeling better
85. coming home to an awesome dinner
86. Stella & Dot

Day 21...
87. a huge "to do" list that is being check off
88. again, for a washing machine and soap and things that make things not smell like vomit
89. amazing friends
90. a phone so I can stay in touch with all my out of towners

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