Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It was more like a week event.  I assume this is how it will be for the remainder of her little girl life.  We had a fun party with my mom’s group, there were games, coloring, bean bag toss and tons of food.  There were about 50 kids and Josie and a little butterfly played chase, all night.  Connor {who refused to wear his costume} tossed the bean bags and got it about every time!  

Sunday {Halloween eve} we enjoyed the last Farmer’s Market and a kid’s parade and costume contest.  Josie couldn’t have cared less that there were kids all over the place, she was more interested in the dogs and the step from the street to the side walk, up and down, up and down…

She wasn’t so interested in the candy, just chewing on the crackly wrappers.  Holding a bucket with a few pieces candy blocks inside was very entertaining! 

Finally on Halloween we ventured to Grammy’s house where Josie trick or treated and got a sweatshirt!  The Cramer’s where she was loved on by everyone including Chloe the dog who she is not so fond of, and finally Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dan’s.  It was way past bed time when we arrived home and we all suffered on Tuesday.  Until next year when I think she might actually get it!

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