Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Zoo with Conner and Shelby

I love the zoo.  We’ve always been members and it’s so nice to just go for an hour and a half see what you want to see and take off.  Josie loves all the animals.  We typically go with our friends Connor, Shelby and Erin and heaven forbid we go with someone else, she asks about Connor and Shelby the entire time we’re there. Ha…a creature of habit! Connor and Shelby's Grandma Laura joined us, it was a fun day.

not something we see every time.  So beautiful
just strolling along
Laura, Connor, Erin and Josie checking out the camels
So cute!
"Come on Connor...!"
Erin and Shelby

learning about the monkeys

her first Mary-go-round experience
starting to like it...

Connor and Josie, adorable!

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