Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Savior is born today

What a wonderful time of year!!!! Christmas Eve we spent at CC's house. We had a big group this year, or a big group in comparison to the last few years. The Eve attendees: CC, Aunt Marge, Mom, Kelly, Dan, Andrew, Kyle and me. It was delicious, fun, many laughs, thanks Aunt Marge, and we were blessed with Andrew's hilarious presence. This was Christmas Eve, not an ugly Christmas sweater/outfit party......Oh how he keeps us laughing! Kyle and I spent the night at Mom's and woke up to a beautiful, unfortunately sunny, Christmas morning. Snow is always preferred on Christmas!!! We knew Kyle had to work about noon, so our morning was planned around him being apart of the celebration. While we were getting ready for the day, he got a call saying coach had pushed up practice, and he needed to be in earlier. We pushed up breakfast, so he could enjoy, and it was wonderful. We started opening presents about 9am, and it continued until about 10:30. It was the same group from Christmas Eve, but Aunt Marge joined us for breakfast only. Kyle left for work, which was hard.
Many people have asked me what we were going to do for Christmas...."it’s your first Christmas as a married couple." I honestly hadn't thought much about it. Well, other people did, and it was a very emotional day. Mom Randy and Dad Frank sent gifts that were VERY sentimental. We all got chocked up a few times while opening gifts from them. Truly wonderful gifts that you can't buy at a store. It was awesome. Needless to say this was the beginning of what made the day so emotional, and then Kyle having to go to work.

After he left, Kel, Andrew and I headed down to my dad's house to celebrate. It was nice we had an early dinner with Dad and Marlo and gang.

Since we were eating early at Dad's house, and Kyle wouldn't have a Christmas dinner, I was going to start our own Christmas dinner tradition. I made New Mexico enchiladas. It is something we learned from Ganny, my Dad's mom, and absolutely love. This would be our tradition on Christmas night. It was still a little emotional, but we had a wonderful time the two of us. I made enchiladas and we watched a movie. Glory to God!

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