Monday, December 8, 2008

A LONG drive home

Thanksgiving was awesome! We spent it at mom's house and had a few new guests this year. It was an enjoyable day cooking, cleaning, football and Christmas music.

Friday, Mom, Kel and I headed up to Aspen. It was an easy drive, no traffic or weather conditions to deal with. Once there, it didn't stop snowing. Such a beautiful site to see. It has been so warm around here that it didn't really feel like the holidays yet, but with three days of snow, it finally felt like winter. We didn't do much, played cards, ate, drank, and watched movies. We decided to get going early on Sunday, as we all had things we wanted to accomplish at home. We took off at noon, and I arrived home at midnight!!!!! YES, this is winter in Colorado. The holdup started at Vail, and cleared about 25 minutes outside of Denver. The highway was closed for a number of hours, and thanks to Erin, Tom and Patty, we parked at their place in Frisco while we waited. Thank you again Hoffmans!!!! We enjoyed a few more hours of card playing, and when the highway opened, "back on the road again.....". It was a long exhausting 11 hour drive, record time for us!

As usual, we have been busy with various events that the holidays bring. The next two weeks are very busy with fun events....zoo lights, The Nutcracker, Jersey boys, and Christmas Tea. I'll write more as they unfold!

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