Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zoo Lights

Last night knocked out two of the holiday events. First was a Gingerbread house contest. A few of my reps at workput this on. It is great fun and all the houses go to Children's Hospital for the kids, and are then auctioned off. Last year I went all out, decided on a building to replicate, drew up plans, make a ton of gingerbread and then assembled. Two weeks later and "over" the gingerbread house, this year I decided I just don't have the time, so I did the kit. We, two of my co-workers, and I did embellish a bit, but for the most part, it looked like a standard gingerbread house.

It is amazing what design firms come up with.....I guess that is the mind of a designer. Truly amazing. The rules are simple, all of the ingredients must be etible. There were about 25 houses and lot of creativity! I completely forgot to take a picture so that will have to come in a few days.

Last night was also the Zoo Lights preview!!!! It is such a fun event and they changed it up a bit this year, and we all think it was great. This is a preview for donors and sponsors, with food and drink. We took it in for about the 5th year now, walking around the zoo, looking at animals with lights, listening to music, and stopped at almost all of the food and drink stops along the way. A few of the exhibits that are inside are open, the packaderms a.k.a. elephants, hippos and rhinos and the giraffe house. We all had a great time!Kel and Dan in the hippo's mouth
Mom, Kyle and me with a great Ape!

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