Monday, March 15, 2010

President's Day Weekend

We headed to Aspen for a nice long weekend with Patrick and Leslie. It was a nice weekend just hanging out. Of course we shopped…it’s hard not to do in Aspen. Friday night we tried to get into Matsuhisa which is the restaurant by Nobo, the famous sushi chef…joke was on us. It also happened to be Valentine’s weekend, so trying to make reservation a week in advance wasn’t enough. We ended up at Double Dog, this great locals place that is fairly hidden. Great food!

Saturday we went snow shoeing….I showshoed at 6 months pregnant at about 9000+ feel above sea level. I know all the books say you need to be careful in high altitude or don’t travel to high altitude, but we live here…so 9000 ft isn’t that big of a deal. I will admit I was totally out of breath on the way up. The rest of the gang was so sweet to wait for be periodically when I had to stop to catch my breath. The two mile trip back to the car wasn’t nearly as bad…mostly downhill. Leslie and Patrick hadn’t snowshoed before, so it was fun for them to try it out.

A few times during the ski season, Aspen Mountain opens the “sun deck” at night for dinner and dancing at the top of the mountain. We decided it would be fun, so we bought our tickets and headed up the mountain around 5:30. Nothing like really not listening to the books…we were at about 11,212 feet, and had a great time. The ride up on the gondola was windy, dark and cold. They provided blankets, thankfully! Once at the top, there were tons of people dancing, eating and enjoying the warmth of the fire place. It was fun to be up there at night. The ride down was much faster and less windy.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day, we relaxed, we in to for a bit and then Patrick and Leslie headed home. Kyle and I stayed until Monday morning and then headed home. It was a fun, relaxing weekend!

Hanging around town; the base of Aspen Mountain

Patrick and Leslie snowshoeing

Kyle got in over his head

Snowshoeing 6 months pregnant!

The whole gangRiding up to the top of the mountain for dinner

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