Friday, April 23, 2010

35.5 weeks...

Things are changing!

Weekly update

How far along: 35.5 weeks
Total weight gain: 31 lbs
Maternity clothes: yes, purchased a larger pair of maternity jeans…I never thought I’d grow out of what I had.  All my pants were just too uncomfortable.
Sleep: I’m thankful to get a few hours at a time
Best moment this week: finding out that we are ½ cm dilated!
Movement: Everything you read says movement will slow down when you get toward the end because there isn’t a lot of room to move.  She is still moving a lot and for hours at a time
Gender: Female
Labor Signs: yes, contractions happen, not sure if they are the practice ones or real.
Dilated: ½ cm
Belly Button in or out: in, barely
Direction of baby: She is head down and in anterior position (facing backward, it’s easier for baby to be delivered this way)
What I miss: a glass of wine on a random Wednesday afternoon at 5:00pm with mom and Kel
What I’m looking forward to: next week’s appointment.  Any guess on how dilated I’ll be?

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Andrea and Jeff said...

You are getting very close! Hang in there. You will be meeting your baby girl very soon. :)