Thursday, April 29, 2010

Childbirth Prep...Check!

Last night was the conclusion of our childbirth prep class.  Kyle is VERY glad they are over and I guess I am as well.  We learned a lot and now I just can’t wait to have this baby girl! 

I really enjoyed two things, our teacher…she was great!  She now works in public health now, otherwise, I’d request her for my nurse.  The second part I liked was the weekly updates from all of the women.  Sure we are all at different stages, but it’s nice to hear what others are experiencing, it validates what you’re experiencing. 

My biggest fear when we started this class was that we would deliver before the class was over and not be prepared.  Thankfully, we made it through.  Now if we can just make it two more weeks for our baby safe class, we’ll be all set. 

Last night we talked medicines, postpartum, breastfeeding and practiced some breathing techniques.  Yikes, I knew I didn’t want to know anything about an epidural except that it numbs your lower half.  For now…I think I’d rather have natural childbirth than have that needle anywhere near me!  Yikes!  We’ll see when the day comes.

The last part of the night we practiced breathing techniques.  I was very glad for this because as a Type A person….I need relaxation breathing!  We learned two that are most commonly used, relaxation keeping your breath steady and calm.  The other one is dubbed Bill Cosby.  It’s a much faster breath and you have to concentrate too much on whether to heeee or hoooo…I’m opting for the steady one. 

As my updated eluded yesterday, could be anytime, or at least that is the impression I got from the doctor.  I’d love another 10 days…but I’m not making the decisions.


Cynthia Reese said...

This too funny! Makes me glad that I adopted The Kiddo and instead of 18 hours of breathing exercises, pain and discomfort, I ...

Wait a minute. I had 18 hours across the Pacific in a plane going to China, and 18 hours going back, and practically no sleep, either way, and since I was terrified of flying, I had to do all those breathing exercises ...

Huh. Whodathunk!

Good luck on your upcoming bambino's birth!

Jill (& Bob) said...

I'm so far behind on your blog! Wow, full term, eh? So excited for you! Hope your natural childbirth plans go better than mine did -- but a healthy baby makes all of it worthwhile!