Thursday, April 15, 2010

Childbirth classes

Last night was the second of four eye opening childbirth classes.  We really like the teacher, she has a calm demeanor and gives us numerous sides to what may or may not happen. 

The first night we got to know each of the twelve couples.  It was pretty interesting to hear where people were from, we are the only “locals”, how far along, jobs, etc.  We have figured out that we are maybe the youngest in our class which is very interesting.  And nearly half of these women are planning on staying at home and have already quit their jobs!  I was shocked and still am, kind of.  There is also one couple who may not make it through the entire class because she is due May 11th!  Nothing like being behind the 8ball!  

We did a group activity where the men and women were separated and as a group we wrote down the best and worst things about being pregnant.  It was funny what the men had to say.  The women, wow….they were just rambling off all these “worst” things about being pregnant, none of which I have experienced.  I like being pregnant, haven’t had any of the heartburn, constipation, huge weigh gain, swollen, major backache, morning sickness and nausea that everyone else has experienced.  I’ve been blessed with a very easy, I “love being pregnant” almost 9 months.   For most of them coming up with the best things about being pregnant were hard.  We also went over the basics of labor, and some relaxation breathing techniques.  

Last night we started by going around and updated on how far along we were, if we had a Dr. appointments/what’s going on in the pregnancy and how we are feeling.  The range of due dates is nearly two months, from May 11th to the first week of August, so the 12 women in the class are at very different stages.  Most of the class is due in June or July, with three of us in May. 

We had the “pleasure” of watching the birthing video last night.  It wasn’t too bad, although I have to admit, I closed my eyes for the 4 second delivery of the placenta.  I just don’t want to know.  Giving birth doesn’t scare me and I’m not afraid of the pain.  Some of the women in our class are paralyzed by the thought of giving birth and they want an epidural as soon as they can have one.  Me…well, I’m not for or against…we just see when the time comes. 

Next week we get a tour of the labor and delivery floor.  I can’t wait to see what the environment will be.  Just to have a vision of where I’ll be during this time will be nice.  Two more Wednesday nights filled with all sorts of info about labor, delivery, the hospital, medicines, and post partum.  We are so close!

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