Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day in Vail

My Aunt Karen was in Aspen for a month, so we met for lunch in Vail.  This was the first time I took little Josie to the mountains.  She slept the entire way there, and was great at lunch.  The ride home....not so fun!  My grandma, CC, was riding in the back of the car and Kel was up front with me.  As we came through the Eisenhower tunnel Josie started to scream....and scream...and scream.  Needless to say, it was her ears, but it was quite a work out to calm her...and it didn't really work. 

all bundled up for the trip...is was a chilly day!
Josie had a little lunch as well...
ah,,sweet girl!
This is the second stop we made...on the exit ramp of the highway in the back of the car in the bouncy seat trying to calm her...it was working until i tried putting her back in the car seat.  Oh, and it was raining!

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