Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Trip to Fargo

We had three trip scheduled in Josie's first 2 months!!  The first trip was to Fargo to see Kyle's family and the  Buen family reunion.  We had a great time, Kyle enjoyed a week in Canada with Frank, Uncle Don,  Aunt Patty, their grandson Ryan and Uncle Bob for a few days.  They had a great time which included some of the best fishing they have had up there.

Randy, Lisa, Josie and I hung out in Fargo, seeing family and seeing Josie's new phase....Colic!  Man, it was rough!  Kyle was in Canada, I was in Fargo with our three week old screaming.  It was a rough week, but we all survived.  Thankfully the colic is over....Here is our trip through pictures.
Sleeping on the plane... 3 weeks old!
Napping with Aunt Lisa
Meeting Grandma Buen
wiggling down Grandma Buen
Just can't handle all this attention

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Andrea and Jeff said...

Wow, you have been busy and brave traveling so much with a two month old. Glad the colic is better. Carly had some of that too and it is very rough on mommy and daddy. You just want to help them but nothing seems to work.