Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Intrducing the bottle

I'm exclusively breastfeeding, and while that is wonderful in so many leaves Kyle out.  We introduced the bottle when we got home from Tahoe...having really no idea how it was going to go.  Many of my friends tried a couple different nipples.  I pumped 4oz, heated it and down it went, in less than 5 minutes.  A mystery about have no idea how much your little one is eating.  Josie slammed the 4oz and wanted more.  We were so proud of our little girl!!!


Andrea and Jeff said...

Way to go Josie! Katie refused it for weeks but luckily Carly took it right away. I know what you mean about not knowing how much they eat. I go back to work in a week and it's hard knowing how much to have ready for her.

Jill (& Bob) said...

Will won't eat from a bottle if I'm around. There are rumors he does find if I'm not...but I honestly worry the boy will want to be breastfed when he goes to kindergarten! He needs to start taking milk some other way as I have 1000oz in the freezer that I'd hate to see go to waste (and that's in addition to having donated that much too).

Megan said...

Jill, I have heard this from many moms! Just like everything, it will eventually happen.

You are a good pumper! I'm not really a fan. I just can't figure out when the best time to do it and I prefer not at the 4:00am feeding! I have about 40oz in the freezer, not enough!