Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trip number two

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had three trips planned in Josie's first 2 months.  The second trip Josie and I decided it was best for us to stay home.  She had a bout of Colic in the evenings and from about 5:00 on, it was a lot of work.  Kyle was in a wedding in AZ and with the rehearsal dinner and wedding both in the evening, we decided it was best for us not to go....we would have spent a lot of time in the hotel and it just wasn't in the cards.

Back to what was supposed to be trip three:  Lake Tahoe, CA!  We have family friends that have a place on the lake and it was amazing!!  None of us had been there, and we had a wonderful time.  Once again, Josie was awesome on the flights.  She did not like evenings, as Colic was still in effect, but thanks to the vibration on the bouncy seat....it saved us.  A few pictures from the trip!
Just arriving at the lake
Her famous one eye open look
Big stretch
our favorite place..the bouncy seat!
Uncle Dan taking his turn with bouncing and entertaining
almost asleep....
completely out
Enjoying happy hour and apps at a lake front restaurant
It was the entire family...including CC
Happy hour is exhausting
She wasn't so happy, and it was Dad's turn to try to calm her
Dan and Kel
Just so tired after eating!
Getting ready to leave...sad!
In the airport....I'm stressed...she is screaming...I'm sure the people in first class were worried it was never going to end..thankfully it did!

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