Friday, October 14, 2011

The Sound of Music

It’s in my top five movies of all time and the soundtrack is like none other.  I, however, am not the only one who LOVES this soundtrack, it’s Josie and I’m pretty sure her love for the music is greater than mine! 

When she was 5 weeks old, colic set in…dum, dum, duuummmmm!  In the evenings when she was particularly fussy, I’d walk her up and down the street singing songs.  For some reason the only songs that came to mind were from The South of Music.  So up and down the street we’d walk and I’d sing, “Doe, a deer, a female deer.  Ray, a drop of golden sun….” over and over and over again.  Occasionally I’d throw in a little Rain Drops on Roses, Edelweiss and Sixteen going on Seventeen…you get the picture.  She would be silent when I was singing those songs, even after colic had passed.  If she was crying, I’d just sing Doe, a deer….and she was silent.  I have sung this song more than any other song in my life, pretty sure I’m close to a million!  One trip home from Aspen, my Mom sat in the back with Josie and sang it for hours.  You ‘bout go delirious. 

I have the sound track in my car and if she is fussy, whining, wanting out of the straps on her car seat, I’ll I do is push the CD button and…..silence.  She claps along, smiles and will sing her own little tune.  I can’t tell you what a life saver that sounds track has been.  We take it on trips, I have it on my ipod in case of emergency.  All I have to say is praise God for The Sound of Music!!!

It’s worked for her and I can guarantee the next baby will be serenaded with the same tunes in hopes that it works a second time around! 

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Andrea and Jeff said...

You inspired me! Katie was sick today and so she got to watch a movie. we rented sound of music and she went to bed singing "do a deer..." So cute. Thanks for the reminder about what a good flick that is.