Thursday, August 28, 2008

The first of many

Welcome, Welcome!!!

After getting married, I thought we should start this blog thing so everyone could keep up with our life in beautiful Denver.

Life as a married woman is AWESOME!!! Everything was amazing from the wedding to the honeymoon. We thought after the wedding and honeymoon, things would calm down a bit, but it was a busy June and July.

We enjoyed a trip up to Minnesota for Kyle's cousin's wedding. It was a wonderful time with his family. It is also the home of DQ....I love Dairy Queen! There are so many things to do that you can't do in CO. I love to be on the water in a boat with a beer! The last time we were in Park Rapids was January of 2007, What a world of difference from winter to summer!!!

The 4th of July we spent in Aspen. This is by far my favorite place to get away. It is far enough away from Denver to miss the city, but not close enough for tourist traffic. It is also the best place to ski! We had a nice long weekend, seeking out news places to hang, and grab a beer. There are always interesting people at Cooper Street Bar, and again this proved true. We relaxed, hiked, enjoyed the parade, grilled out and watched firework burst over Aspen Mountain.

Two weeks later we were off again, this time to Annapolis Maryland for a wedding. It was our first family trip as a married couple, I was really excited. My Mom, Kelly, Andrew, Kyle and I all went. What a beautiful area of the country that I hadn't explored. Family friends, Chris & Erin, got married at the United States Naval Academy. It is incredible! We flew in Thursday to DC, did all the monuments in 6 hours, grabbed a drink to dry off after a rain storm soaked us and then headed to Annapolis. I wish I had a nice yacht for an excuse to go there more often. We had a wonderful time, enjoying fresh seafood, eating at local spots, ice cream cones at midnight, the academy chapel, surviving the humidity, drinks, drinks and more drinks, boating on the Chesapeake Bay, shopping, a wedding and great reception, dancing and spending time with family.
The week after we got back Training camp started. It was tough this year and thank goodness it is over! We are now on the eve of the fourth pre-season game, and then it really counts!