Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Uggs!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


What a great way to finish a season opener...we are 2-0!!! Can't believe we pulled out another win! Are the browns really that bad?

Shannon Sharpe parachuting into the stadium!

Regular Season Home opener

So cool!

The fly-over

Shannon Sharpe's induction into the ring of fame!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This was the 5th year and it turned out to be the biggest and best! This is the annual fashion show in the design world where a design firm is paired with a manufacturer. The design team then has to create a “ready to wear” outfit out of some material from the manufacturer. It is a five month process, from design development to the runway.

This was our second year participating and we had a great partnership, SourceFour. They are a furniture showroom and also have upholsteries!!!! It all turned out great and the event was sold out!

Our outfit was called City Luxe and had three parts.
  • The dress: made of upholstery, hand woven vinyl strips, and hand punched sequins.
  • The Necklace: made of table hardware (Each ball was just under a pound….a very heavy necklace) and vinyl.
  • The Coat: made of upholstery some of which had a Crypton backing which made it a very stiff and heavy coat.
I modeled for the second time and it was a blast. We did my hair and makeup here in the office and by 5:30 I was ready to go. We had to be dressed for pre-judging and then waited hours for the event to start. There were about 1600 people attending, and the line to get in was a few blocks long. Until next year…Our Original Sketch and concept design

On the runway!

The reversible jacket

Me with Crystal, Our sponsor and a view of the dress

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day in Aspen

It’s a tradition, and as usual, we had a blast. Unfortunately, Kyle missed out on the fun due to cuts. Mom and I headed up early Saturday morning and made it in time for a loop around the farmer’s market, I picked up the “family size” kettle corn and mom bought a lazy-susan for her table. I had to work on the dress for Pret-a-Porter…more on that later, and mom went to see Julie & Julia. When she got home we had a few hors d'oeuvre and waited for Kel and Dan to arrive. We immediately left for the Cantina, we never miss it, and then came home. Kel and Dan had spent the previous 24 hours painting Dan’s house, so they were exhausted.

Sunday was pretty chill, we had a list of wedding items to get taken care of and Dan went for a ride. He is training for a 206 mile ride this weekend….amazing! After hours of wedding stuff, we headed up to watch volleyball. The Motherlode beach volleyball tournament is the largest in the country and it’s a blast to watch. We’ve been for so many years that we have our favorite girl teams. We didn’t last long due to rain, so we headed home after a few shopping stops. Mom’s birthday was the end of August, so we celebrated Sunday night at Bruno’s. It is a fabulous little Italian spot, and the word seems to be getting out. Dinner was delicious and we had a laughter filled dinner.

Someone always has to carry mom

waiting at Bruno's

Celebrating mom's birthday

Monday morning we did a few more wedding things and then went in to watch volleyball. We weren’t sure when the finals were, and we got there just in time to watch the semi-finals. They were great games, and we are glad, ahem, a certain team lost! These great girls from LA moved on to the finals along with the reining champs. We ran home for a quick bite to eat with an hour in between and made it just as the girls were warming up. A great match and the end of another Labor Day weekend.

Sunday at the sand courts

The Finals

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kel's Bachlorette weekend

Two weekends ago was packed full of fun wedding events that took days to recover from exhaustion and I’m finally blogging about it.

Friday night was the Bride, maids and MOB. We started at Encore for happy hour. It’s a relatively new place in Denver that is still a bit unknown and a great spot! We had apps and drinks and laughed on the patio. I wanted to take Kel somewhere she hadn’t been for dessert which is how I decided on dBar. Kyle had taken me there for my birthday and I thought right away, this would be so fun for a girls’ night. Just as I remembered, fabulous desserts! Jenn was the only one who couldn’t make it, but we, Kelly rather, had a drink for her.

I had been preparing food, d├ęcor, favors, etc all week, so when Saturday morning finally rolled around, I was ready! Kate and Melissa came a little early to help with a few “morning of” to-dos. The shower was beautiful, we had 12 people and everyone had a great time. The theme was Kitchen, and it was a lot of fun to see all the creative gifts.

Saturday early evening, the bachlorette party started! We did a wine tasting that was so much fun. Carly designed these adorable cards so everyone could write down the wines, and rate them and on the back was how to taste. We tasted 6 wines in total and in between the wines we asked Kelly to answer some questions we had asked Dan. After the wine tasting Kel opened girly gifts polished off the wine and headed to dinner.

I made reservation at Osteria Marco which is an Italian restaurant downtown. The food was great, company was hilarious and overall everyone had a great time. Some handled their intake well and other, not so well.

Good friends, good food and good wine….and Kel had a fabulous time!