Friday, November 19, 2010

Showering Jaime with baby love and...SURPRISE!

There are four girls that I traveled with from UWP that are my girls...we see each other often and have started a little baby shower trend.  We have done something for each of us that's had babies...and it it FINALLY Jaime's turn!  She has been trying the longest and is pregnant with twin girls! 

I was planning a shower for her and decided to email the Sunflower Cove, aka: "The Cove" (that's what we call ourselves, back story is too long, just go with it) to see if there was any chance they could surprise Jaime and come into town.  Believe me, this is one planning group of women and I mean years out, so when I sent an email asking if 7 weeks away would work for everyone, it was a long shot.  It took some work, mainly on Hunter's part as she has two kiddos to get situated, but it worked! 

Andrew, Jaime's husband, happened to have a birthday on November 11, which was two days before the shower.  He was the sole person who was in on this surprise, as the Edsons are terrible secret keepers!  So, with Andrew on our side, I asked is there was any way Jaime would take a day off of work.  He worked his magic and she had it off to "celebrate Andrew's birthday"...haha!  Their day was planned, breakfast around 10:30, a movie and baby stuff.  Little did Jaime know, Erin, Hunter and Teresa flew in Thursday night.  Friday morning, we headed to Syrup about 30 minutes before Jaime and Andrew were to arrive.  We all had butterflies with excitement.  From where we were sitting in the restaurant, we could see when they would arrive.  They happened to get street parking right in front of the restaurant, so we saw the entry.  Jaime had NO clue!  She was patiently waiting while Andrew paid for parking, and the wandered down the stairs and into the restaurant.  The host was in on the surprise, and Andrew walked Jaime around the wall and there we were.  She was surprised, crying, shocked, it was great!  Just what we wanted! 

We had a girls day Friday, chatting, shopping, getting coffee and then dinner the the guys.  Saturday was the baby shower.  We had a great turn out, 27 people.  It was wonderful, perfect for Jaime!  We just hung out Saturday and went to Jaime's house to watch some football and have dinner, and just like that is was Sunday morning and I was on my way back to the airport with Erin, Hunter and Teresa.  Those weekends always go too fast! 

The arrival

Mimi and Pop Pop visit!

After Kyle being gone for a long weekend in London, it was the BYE week, finally!  This means NO Bronco game, NO work for Kyle and It's the ONE cherished weekend off of the season! We had plans to go to North Dakota/Minnesota, but decided it would be easier and we could have a longer time if Randy and Frank came to town.

Kyle arrived home Monday afternoon and Randy and Frank arrived Tuesday afternoon.  It was sooo great to see them and it had been just over two months since they had see Josie.  How she had changed in two months!!!  We headed to Aspen for a much needed long weekend away.  It was absolutely beautiful up there, not too cold, sunny and blue skies during the day.  Aspen had gotten a big snow, but most of it was gone.  It was the off-season while we were there, which means many shops and restaurant shut down until Thanksgiving, which is opening weekend for two of the four Aspen Ski Company mountains.  It also means there are many vacancies and new restaurants and stores frantically trying to open before November 25th. 

We laid low, celebrated Thanksgiving...turkey, stuffing and all the fixins' and had a very enjoyable time.  We hit our favorite, Zanes for wings and beer, checked out some of the shops that were open and walked the Rio Grande Trail.  Overall we ate, drank and were merry...what else could you ask for on vacation!?!

One of the most photographed spots in the country is Maroon Bells.  It's a picturesque Colorado and during the summer months it's only accessible by bus.  Since the road is still open, due to not much snow and the off-season, we drove up.  It was awesome to see the Bells this time of year.  I've never been up there in November.  It's just as beautiful!

Coming home from the mountains with a baby has proved to be a loooooong drive.  It's 3.5 hours from Aspen to Denver and when you have an infant who's ears hurt coming down in altitude, it makes for a 4-5 hour drive.  For you low-country, flat-landers....your kiddos would experience this in a plane.  For us, it's every time we come home from the mountains.  It effects her in one spot where isn't the steepest decline, on the west side of the tunnel.  The first three times, it was an all out screaming-bloody-murder, kind of scream for 16 miles to the first exit.  I tell you, it's the longest 16 miles of your life!  I was hopeful with time and maturing ears, we would over come the screaming and having to stop for an hour to feed her and calm her down.  THIS WAS THAT TRIP!!!  Oh my gosh, I was so happy!  I just couldn't believe that we came through the Eisenhower tunnel and nothing, holding my breath, still nothing...holding my breath...still nothing.  She was fine, no ear pain.  I'm glad to know it's over!  It makes a trip up there a little dreadful because you know it's going to be a long trip home.'s in the past! 

We enjoyed a few days back in Denver with Frank and Randy.  We shopped, Randy's my shopping partner...she loves it.  I try to save all my shopping trips until she's in town.  Sadly they left....but I can't wait to see them again in February in Florida! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

A single parent for 4 days!!!

This was a first!  Kyle went to London for work and I was a single parent.  I was a little nervous about it, but everything was fine!  Josie knew something was up...the first night she was up from 1:29-4:15...I was a zombie the next day.  She got back on track and we had a great weekend. 

We made plans Friday night with Grammy walking around Wash Park and then to dinner at Racines..  Saturday we went boot shopping with Grammy, picked out a gift for Kel for her birthday, got manicures with the birthday girl and then home for a nap.  Saturday was Kelly's big GOLDEN birthday 30 on the 30th!!!  It was a great excuse to get our party dress on!  We went to dinner with all of Kelly's friends to a restaurant we hadn't tried, Second Home.  It was great and Kyle would love the place, so I know we'll be going back.

Sunday was halloween and we had the entire day planned away from the house...I new it would be interesting with nap time!  We went to my mom's house to watch the game and Chris, Erin and Conner joined us along with Dan and Kel.  It was a good time, just wish those Broncos would have won.  Josie attempted a nap, but it was a no-go.  We then headed up to Gaylord St for the Trick or Treat Street.  Josie finally slept in my arms as we did a little happy hour with mom and her friend Judy.  It was so fun to watch all the kids and parents in costume.  We handed out candy with Grammy for a little while and then went to T-O-T over at the Cramer's house.  It was a little surprise for them and we had a great time. We got home around 8:30 and we were both exhausted. 

Monday Kyle came home from an exhausting 4 day whirlwind trip to London with very little sleep.  We had an early dinner and both Kyle and Josie were in bed and asleep by 8:30.  It wasn't such a bad weekend after all!:)