Sunday, August 29, 2010

I love...

I've hardly said a word about being a mom, because what you all really want are pictures.  Now that I am nearly caught up, a few words...

It is truly the most amazing experience.  Getting married is a big step in life and wonderful itself, but becoming a parent to this tiny little being is indescribable.  She is our whole world and it's amazing to watch the changes she makes on a daily basis.  I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and it’s so much better than I ever imagined!  It makes me appreciate my mom in different ways than before and I only hope to be as wonderful of a mom as she is.

I love…
…that she licks her lips and stretches like that was the    best meal of her life, every time she eats
…when she smiles
…that a pacifier soothes her
…mornings, she is so excited to get up for the day
…the fake cough to get my attention
…that I can expect a blowout almost every day
…how close she is to a giggle
…that she prefers to fall asleep in my arms and then move to her crib
…breastfeeding, it’s such an intimate experience
…how she sleeps, hands on her head and arms out, like she’s in a lounge chair
…to watch her learn
…that she still curls up, frog legs and all, when she is really tired
…being a mom
…that I now understand the feeling when people say, “you never knew you could love someone so much”
…her smell
…that she got my eyelashes, every girl wants long eyelashes
…how perfect she is
…that she makes my love for Kyle stronger
…most of all,  that she is here with us and we get to love on her forever

Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 weeks old

We have either been out of town or had family in town for the first two months of Josie's life, so we are just getting around to figuring out a schedule at home.  These are a few pictures of hanging around town
Meeting Kari at City Park Jazz
Just figuring out this bumbo thing
I've got it..a lounge chair
easily distracted while eating!
Sleeping with Aunt Kel
I just had feet are the cutest!

Aspen Girl's trip

For years, my mom and her sister have been trying to do a girls trip with their daughters..Kel, me and Kristi and Kelsey.  It finally happened, last minute and that is probably the only way it happened. We lounged, shopped, walked the Rio Grande trail and of course dined!  Kristi and Kelsey got to meet Josie..we had a great time!
Ready for my first trip to Aspen!
She was so tired after she slept the entire 3.5 hour drive...must be the mountain air
snuggling with Kristi
Out and about
VERY excited about shopping!
An early morning
Margs at the Cantina
We both needed a nap!
A wonderful trip with the family!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tummy Time

Not a fan...!

Intrducing the bottle

I'm exclusively breastfeeding, and while that is wonderful in so many leaves Kyle out.  We introduced the bottle when we got home from Tahoe...having really no idea how it was going to go.  Many of my friends tried a couple different nipples.  I pumped 4oz, heated it and down it went, in less than 5 minutes.  A mystery about have no idea how much your little one is eating.  Josie slammed the 4oz and wanted more.  We were so proud of our little girl!!!

Party girl

The following day we had a bridal shower to go to which was also hosted at Grammy's.  All dressed up again, but only until the blowout...I tried!
I have to do what?

A Baby Tea

When you have a baby, EVERYONE wants to come over and visit.  Its wonderful, but also a lot of entertaining on some level.  So my mom, Grammy, had a little afternoon tea so everyone could meet Josie.  We all had a great time and Josie was all dressed up for the occasion...thanks Peggy!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trip number two

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had three trips planned in Josie's first 2 months.  The second trip Josie and I decided it was best for us to stay home.  She had a bout of Colic in the evenings and from about 5:00 on, it was a lot of work.  Kyle was in a wedding in AZ and with the rehearsal dinner and wedding both in the evening, we decided it was best for us not to go....we would have spent a lot of time in the hotel and it just wasn't in the cards.

Back to what was supposed to be trip three:  Lake Tahoe, CA!  We have family friends that have a place on the lake and it was amazing!!  None of us had been there, and we had a wonderful time.  Once again, Josie was awesome on the flights.  She did not like evenings, as Colic was still in effect, but thanks to the vibration on the bouncy saved us.  A few pictures from the trip!
Just arriving at the lake
Her famous one eye open look
Big stretch
our favorite place..the bouncy seat!
Uncle Dan taking his turn with bouncing and entertaining
almost asleep....
completely out
Enjoying happy hour and apps at a lake front restaurant
It was the entire family...including CC
Happy hour is exhausting
She wasn't so happy, and it was Dad's turn to try to calm her
Dan and Kel
Just so tired after eating!
Getting ready to leave...sad!
In the airport....I'm stressed...she is screaming...I'm sure the people in first class were worried it was never going to end..thankfully it did!

7 weeks and the first smile

It just melts your heart!!  LOVE IT

still sleepy....

At 6 weeks, Josie had a growth spurt and pretty much ate and slept...the following depicted that exactly!
Hanging out with Dad
But she just couldn't keep those eyes open, although she is trying!
Over at Aunt Kelly and Uncle Dan's house
Just had a bite to eat
Out again
A sleeping baby is just so adorable!

4th of July

it was a hot one as expected...A cute dress from Becca and then it was just too hot to stay dressed!

sleeping in the shade
too hot for clothes..Grammy is fanning her with paper plate
Not sitting with Aunt Kel as she was making everyone hot...we didn't stay much longer

A day in Vail

My Aunt Karen was in Aspen for a month, so we met for lunch in Vail.  This was the first time I took little Josie to the mountains.  She slept the entire way there, and was great at lunch.  The ride home....not so fun!  My grandma, CC, was riding in the back of the car and Kel was up front with me.  As we came through the Eisenhower tunnel Josie started to scream....and scream...and scream.  Needless to say, it was her ears, but it was quite a work out to calm her...and it didn't really work. 

all bundled up for the was a chilly day!
Josie had a little lunch as well...
ah,,sweet girl!
This is the second stop we made...on the exit ramp of the highway in the back of the car in the bouncy seat trying to calm was working until i tried putting her back in the car seat.  Oh, and it was raining!