Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Easter

We enjoyed Easter brunch at my mom's with the usual gang.  My Uncle Steve was in from California and he joined us as well.  Unfortunately, I didn't get but a few pictures from Easter.  Not sure where my head was.  Miss Josie is standing on her own, and very proud of herself. 

Easter dress plus a sweater since it was snowing!

Vacation...Florida 2011

We finally made it to FL to visit Randy and Frank.  The original plan was February, but the stars just weren’t aligned.  So two months later we finally made it and a much needed vacation was an understatement!!!

Kyle and Frank golfed quite a bit and after a two year hiatus from golf…Kyle shot very well.  Josie loved the pool, she was so much fun in the water.  She lunched pool side most days and upon returning home…she wouldn’t eat much of anything sitting in her highchair.  Ha, did she think that was the life we were going to live?  Pool side dining?  Nearly two weeks later, we are still battling lunch.

Randy and Frank have a cat, Maui and she took a BIG interest in Maui!  She’d seen cats before, but little Maui was constantly being crawled after, tail pulled and I kept telling her to get to high ground.  Josie started crawling much faster while we were in FL, not sure if it was the carpet in their house or Maui.

We had such a great time…counting down the weeks until the next vacation…6 weeks!!!
Family Portrait

humidity brings out those little curls!
We were at an animal park

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peas please

She loves them just like her Mom and Dad!

Side's what she does

She pulls up on anything she can get those little fingers on…and then side steps and side steps as far as she can go, and then back.  She has mastered the side step, but has absolutely no desire to move those little legs forward to walk.  Ha!

Oh and then we have those things in the house that we thought we had “baby proofed” and it turns out we were wrong.  The tv cabinet has been a huge interest, specifically the two DVDs sitting right at her height.  She knew this was a “no, no” but she so kindly just smiles at us and keeps on with what she wants to do.  Love that little girl!

More standing {41 Weeks}

And she's her crib!

...And we're standing

It didn't take long, especially because all she wants to do is stand...since about 5 months old!  Notice the new coffee used to be wood with a glass top.  It's now vacationing in the basement until we are out of the danger zone.  We're pretty sure she thinks this fully upholstered, can't.hurt.yourself coffee table is hers. Ha!

39 Weeks and lots of pictures

It was a random week...cold and snowy, she learned to pull herself from her knees to her feet, more teeth and my attempt to capture them in a picture, trying to crawl, a missing shoe in Target and the old favorite...The National Western Stock Show {sans rodeo....nap time}

She hates when I put a hat on her, so this is a surprisingly good picture
excited to wear her vest from Aunt Amber
Do you see the death grip on my leg?!
So proud...all on her own
Teeth attempt...1


She is thinking about going somewhere
we've all been there, right?  The lost shoe in Target, we back tracked for 15 minutes!
good 'ole John Deer

Happy Valentines Day

Red Feather Lakes {36 Weeks}

My brother, Andrew, plays in the Ft. Collins Pond Hockey league and at the end of the season they have a tourney in Red Feather Lakes.  We, {My mom, Kyle, Josie and I} made our way north for a very cold and snowy tournament.  We had a great time and are planning on booking cabins for next year. 

I also have to mention Josie’s adorable outfit…it was a loaner from our dearest Kari.  We had previously been using a fleece winter onesie and it just wasn’t going to be warm enough.  Thanks Kari!  
Uncle Andrew & Josie
on the ice
All bundled up


35 weeks and pulling on everything

It's just the beginning as they say...she is learning how to move around!

Are you talking to me?

playing in her kitchen

rolling around...

kitchen, activity table, kitchen...

Xgames 2011

It’s a end-of-January tradition…Xgames in Aspen.  It’s an awesome time of year to be in Aspen…the middle of ski season.  It’s also the worst time to be in Aspen as it bring in over 50,000 people {most of which are teens} to a cul-de-sac!  In the winter there is one road in and out of Aspen…which makes it a very long cul-de-sac, nonetheless.  This year I didn’t ski and didn’t see many of the event because of this little cherub…
Getting bundled up
We did however make it into a VIP box at the base of the pipe, thanks to our friend Kari.  It made if very nice to have a warm place to hang for a bit, especially with an infant.  
Back home and so tired
Our view from the box
Hanging with the big kids in VIP
Until next year…