Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

From our house to yours...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby Sonneman Update

I’ve been hounded with emails and comments about what is going on in the life of my pregnancy and the baby. And to fill in those who are getting one word answers form Kyle, here are the details!

I’m doing great! Unlike the first 13 weeks (3 months) my eating is pretty much back to normal. I don’t really feel pregnant except my regular clothes don’t fit well, if at all. My hair and nails are growing like crazy, which I have heard and read that’s normal and I’ve finally come to terms with sleeping on my sides, not my back or stomach. I’m still not eating chicken. This has become a huge loss in Kyle’s life, I had to purchase pre-cooked and chopped chicken for him!

We had another doctor’s appointment at the beginning of the month which went well. We heard the baby’s heart beat and it sounds like a swish, swish sound, so amazing. Up to week 26 we see the doctor every 4 weeks, then to every three weeks and so on.

The Answer is YES, we will find out the sex of the baby! I’m a planner, it’s not me to not have things ready exactly as we want. We have a boy’s name picked out and a few girl’s names, but you will all have to wait for the birth to find out!

How far along: 17 weeks (4 months, 3 weeks)
Total weight gain: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes: some
Sleep: some good nights, some bad nights
Movement: nothing yet, but it could be anytime now!
Gender: ?
Belly Button in or out: in
What I miss: skiing
What I am looking forward to: feeling the baby move and finding out the sex

Our “anatomy” appointment is on January 5th. My mom is going with us and we are hopeful that Randy can make it down for a quick visit to attend. Neither of them have seen an ultrasound so it will be very exciting on many levels.
For those not accustomed to counting your life by weeks, here is a timeline of my pregnancy in months…(Rich)

Week 1 – the last week of August
Weeks 2 – 6 month of September, 1 month
Week 7-10 month of October, 2 months
Week 11-14 month of November, 3 months
Week 15-19 month of December (where we are currently), 4 months
Week 20-23 month of January (find out the sex and half way point), 5 months
Week 24-27 month of February, 6 months
Week 28-32 month of March, 7 months
Week 33-36 month of April 8 months
Week 37-40 month of May (Due May 26th), 9 months

In other explanations of pregnancy terms, each week is associated with a fruit or vegetable so you can relate something we all know to the size of the baby. Hence in my first post, that was the approximate size of the baby. This week we are the size of an onion.

I have a little belly, I think we’re moving out of the awkward stage. It’s definitely bigger than, “she ate too much or has gained weight” because my belly is going straight out. From the back people have said they can’t tell I’m pregnant let’s hope it stays that way.

That’s all until our appointment on January 5th!

This is a terrible picture, the next one will be better!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays

It’s been a month I realize….and after many requests about what is going on in our life here are all your answers. You have to understand Kyle is of the thought that no one cares….apparently you all do. (Pregnancy update to come)

Mid November I found out I was getting laid off. My last day was November 13th, and I have to say while it was sad to leave and for it finally to be my turn in the world of layoffs, it was a sigh of relief! No more stress, worry about when was it my turn, pretending to look busy with really nothing to do….ah, it was over. The same day I found out a former co-worker of mine, who I had worked very closely with for 4 years, had committed suicide. I’ve never had anyone close take their life and it hit hard! I just couldn’t get it together! We were also under contract on a house and had been through the inspection process and we had to walk away. It was a rough day.

After my last day of work, I took the following two weeks for myself. It had been a long stressful ride in the last year and a half at work, so I thought it was time for me to de-stress. I had a couple massages, lunched with friends, baked for Thanksgiving and had a great time. It’s amazing how my days fill up!

is my all time favorite holiday! This year the Broncos played on Thanksgiving night. To include Kyle on some eating festivities, we had a big breakfast of which Kyle decided the menu: Biscuits and Gravy, eggs, and fruit. It was awesome. Kyle left for work around noon and My mom, Kel, Dan and I made a Thanksgiving meal to eat before we left for the game. We had field passes and it was so much fun. The players were really pumped up, hoping for a win after a miserable loss, and win we did!

Friday morning we packed up and headed to Aspen, our traditional place to celebrate Thanksgiving. We did Thanksgiving all over again on Friday, it was delicious! I’m the only skier in the group and being with child that is on the list of “can’t do activities”. This is only the third season I’ve missed in my life…until next season!

December 1st was a big kick off to the job search for me. I have to admit I wasn’t motivated, and started on Dec 2nd. I’m motivated on some levels, buying a house, getting a nursery ready, having space for friends and family to visit, but the real struggle is what to do for a career? I’ve been in design for 8 years and had three layoffs. It’s such a rollercoaster ride and I’m ready for a change! What I really want to do, plan weddings for the rest of my life. But, for now that’s doesn’t bring in the money, so I’m looking for something else. The great part is that I’m really up for anything, a new adventure. As of today, I have applied to numerous jobs and am pretty excited about them. There’s a lot of crap out there right now, but I have heard and believe that as of the first of the year, there are going to be a ton of jobs opening up. Let’s hope for that!

As for the Christmas, there are going to be many celebrations this year. Christmas falls on a Friday, and Kyle will likely have a delayed schedule so we’ll be able to celebrate in the morning and then he’ll go to work. In my family, Christmas morning is when we do our celebrating with breakfast. This year we’ll have my mom’s youngest brother and family, Mom, Kel, Dan and us and maybe a few football friends. We are also celebrating with my Dad and his wife a few days before Christmas, Andrew two days before and my grandma after the New Year. It’s an unusual year, but will be fun!

That’s the latest on us…