Saturday, September 21, 2013


I know, I know…I said I was back to blogging and I had high hopes.  I’m back, slowly.

This move to California has been tough, challenging, emotional and good {and every other emotion you can possibly imagine} for me.  The first three months were hard, and I mean the hardest three months of my life.  Thanks to a wonderfully supportive husband, family and friends, I made it through.  We are approaching month seven here and I’m feeling very blessed. 

It all came to me this week, I'm feeling blessed and happy.  Blessed that someone has been looking out for me, blessed that I have a support system, blessed that I’m enjoying life in CA and blessed to have made friends that I really enjoy. 

There are three women in particular that I love to be around.  They have fun kids and we do fun things together.  These three women are wonderful people and they have no idea how big an impact they have had on my life.  They laid a brick down, a brick in the foundation of my life and I'm grateful.  In a sense, they are angels.  I hope to do for someone else, what they have done for me, unknowingly.