Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 week of craziness

I have had quite the hiatus from blogging, but I am back as life is beginning to calm down. Here is a quick catch up on the last six weeks....

I played like a kid with Amber at Disney for a week in late September. We had such a great time, eating foods from around the world at Epcot, watching fireworks, parades, and kids at all levels of exhaustion at the parks. You wouldn't even know that Amber was crippled by crutches and a knee walker by the pace we ran around at. News to me......it is the slowest time of year and it was awesome. Walking onto rides with no wait is the only way to go! Chryssie, Amber's sister, joined us Friday night for the "Not So Scary" Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. The entire week was so much fun, warm weather and wonderful time with Amber!The Magic Kingdom
Not So Scary Halloween Party
We attempted Pirates....It was easyFireworks at EpcotThis Giraffe was so close
The Animal Kingdom...so cool!

I returned home for a short week at work to leave on Friday morning for the Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska Huskers game in Lincoln. This trip was planned nearly a year ago, and I was so excited. The attendees: Hunter and Aaron, Jaime and Andrew, Teresa, Erin and me. There were many other who were there, but it started with us girls....just another excuse for a reunion. Hunter's Dad, and two brothers, Chris and Matt joined us along with Erin's entire family. It was a wonderful, sleepless, tailgating, college football weekend. Too quick, but I would give anything for a quick weekend with the girls!
As usual, a work trip always pops up around vacation! We left Lincoln Sunday morning, and I turned around and left, again, Monday morning for San Diego for work. The work part was a bit of a disaster, but I had a chance to see my family, so it was great. Tuesday night Kelsey had a volleyball game in SD, so I was able to see her play before she graduates. Wednesday night I had dinner with the Uncle Craig, Aunt karen, Kristi and Mike. It was so much fun to see them and get a little family time in. Thursday before I left town, I had more time with Kristi. It was a great trip.With Kelsey after her game, they won!
Del Mar

It was a little quite for a couple of weeks, although work for me has REALLY picked up. I am on a new project and although I am thankful to have a job, it is really frusterating. A few weekends ago we spent a couple of nights with Kyle's intern's parents. They took us to The Oceanaire. It was a wonderful dinner and they invited us to join them after the game the following night. They are very generous people! We also went up to Estes Park to see the changing leaves and all the Elk. It was so much fun, and Kyle took some great pictures!

The Buck and his ladies

Awesome fall colors!

This past weekend was BYE week! YEAH!!!!! We made our annual trek to Nashville arriving Wednesday night and not stopping to breath until we left Sunday night. We had such a great time, seeing everyone in Nashville as well as a whole bunch of people that came in from Louisville. It is always my favorite fall trip, filled with laughter, drinking, eating, a little sleep, playing rock band, and watching everyone's lives progress. Thank you....Andy, Melissa, Mark, Lisa, Preston, Rich, Penny, Eddie, Keith, Mandy, Laurel, Steve, Taylor and Jaclyn for making our trip awesome!

Like I mentioned, life is finally quieting down, so I promise to blog more frequently. I will also post pictures from Nashville in the next few days.

On a Broncos note....lets hope the BYE week was a nice rest so we can get back on track!